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  • Bisaya Lesson 3 | Cebuano Lesson 3

    by Dr. Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

    More Pronouns

    Cebuano Book Quick Cebuano Translations
    Cebuano Book
    Cebuano Translation

    Dialog 2


    Speaker A

    Maayo! Maayo!

    Is anybody home?

     Speaker B  Dayon. Unsa may ato, Day?

    Come in. What can I do for you, Miss?)

     Speaker A

    Maayong gabii, Nang. Nia ba si Maria?

    Good evening, Ma'am. Is Maria around?

     Speaker B 

    Wala ra ba. Tua pa sa opisina. Ngano man diay unta?

    Sorry, but she's not here. She's still in the office. Why?

     Speaker A

    Nia man goy libro para niya. Unsang orasa kaha siya mopauli?

    I have a book here for her. What time will she possibly come home?

     Speaker B 

    Dili ko masiguro. Usahay sayo, usahay sab dugay. Unsang orasa na ba?

    I can't be sure. Sometimes early, sometimes late. What time do you have there?

     Speaker A

    Alas siyete y media.

    Seven thirty

     Speaker B 

    Basin moabot na siya. Hulata na lang

    Maybe she's on her way. You can wait for her.

     Speaker A

    Dili na lang ko mohulat, Nang. Palihug na lag hatag kaniya niining libro.  

    I won't wait for her anymore. Just give her this book, please

     Speaker B 

    Ikaw lang.

    Suit yourself

     Speaker A

    Ipangumosta na lang ko niya, Nang. Moadto na ako.

    Just say hello to her for me, Ma'am. Goodbye

     Speaker B  O sige, balikbalik.

    Okay, come again soon


    3.a. Demonstrative Pronouns








    this (near the speaker)






    this (near speaker and hearer)












    that yonder



    over there




    Kini ang imong libro This is your book
    Imo kining libro

    This is your book

    Ikaw ang tag-iya niining libro You own this book

    3.b. Vocabulary/common expressions

    Nang, Manang An address for an older woman ( shows respect and politeness
    Day, Inday Vocative for a younger woman or little girl
    Unsa may ato? Can I help you?
    Dayon Come in
    Palihug Please
    Palihug ko sa akong kape Give me my coffee please
    Moadto na (a)ko I'm leaving now
    Balikbalik Come again

    Spanish Cardinal Numbers are adopted in Cebuano especially in:

    Telling time

    A la una 1 o'clock
    A las dos 2 o'clock
    A las tres y media 3:30
    A las kwarto en punto 4 o'clock sharp
    A las seis kinse 6:15

    Price of Goods

    Singko Pesos Five Pesos
    Singkwenta Pesos Fifty Pesos
    Un mil kwatro One thousand four

    Expressing one's age

    Siete anyos Seven years old
    Seisanta y dos Sixty-two years old
    Sitenta y singko Seventy-five years old

    Cebuano Numerals

    Usa One
    Duha Two
    Tulo Three
    Upat Four
    Lima Five
    Unom Six
    Pito Seven
    Walo Eight
    Siyam Nine


    Napulog usa Eleven
    Napulog duha Twelve
    Napulog tulo Thirteen
    Napulog upat Fourteen
    Kawhaan Twenty


    Kap-atan Forty
    Kalim-an Fifty
    Kan-uman Sixty
    Kapitoan Seventy
    Kawalohan Eighty
    Kasiyaman Ninety
    Usa ka gatus One hundred
    Tulo ka libo Three thousand

    3.c. Try transforming the sentences you did in Lesson 2 into questions.


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