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  • Cebuano Common Expressions

    by Dr. Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

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    Some Common Expressions in Cebuano



    it’s here

    nia ra!

    it’s here

    tua kang

    it’s with

    wala pa

    not yet

    wala na

    no more

    walay tawo

    there’s nobody

    Ambot  lang

    I  don’t know

    Di(li) (a)ko sigurado

    I’m not sure


    Come in

    Palihug, lingkod

    Please, sit down

    Nakakaon ka na ba?

    Have you eaten yet?


    Come here

    Gusto mo ba kini?

    Do you like this?

    Mangaon ta.

    Let’s eat now




    Let’s go!

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