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  • Cebuano Phrases - Asking What in Cebuano

    by Dr. Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

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    Asking What in Cebuano


    Nag-unsa ka (man)?

    What  are you doing?

    Nag-unsa man siya?

    What  is she/he doing

    Nag-unsa man kamo?

    What  are you doing?

    Nag-unsa man sila?

    What  are they doing?

    Nag-unsa man ang maestra?

    What  is the teacher doing?


    Asking What in Cebuano 2


    Unsay (Unsa ang) imong ngalan?

    What’s your name?

    Unsay (Unsa ang)  ngalan sa bata?

    What’s the child’s name?

    Unsay (Unsa ang)  binisaya niini?

    What’s this in  Cebuano?

    Unsay (Unsa ang)  oras naba?

    What time is it now?


    Asking What in Cebuano 3


    Unsa may ato?

    What can I do for you?

    Unsa (man) kini?

    What is this?

    Unsa (man) kana?

    What is that?

    Unsa kadtong balaya?

    What house is that?




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