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  • Lesson 2

    by Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

    Cardinal Numbers in Tausug

    One Isa
    Two Duwa
    Three Tu
    Four Upat
    Five Lima
    Six Unum
    Seven Pitu
    Eight Walu
    Nine Siyam
    Ten Hangpu
    Eleven Hangpu tag-isa
    Twelve Hangpu tagduwa
    Twenty Kawhaan
    Thirty Katluan
    Forty Kahpatan
    Fifty Kaihman
    Sixty Kahnuman
    Seventy Kapituwan
    Eighty Kawaluwan
    Ninety Kasiyaman
    One hundred Hanggatus
    Fifty thousand Kaihman nga ibu
    Seven million Pitu milyun
    Hundreds Gatus


    five lima
    ten hangpu
    twenty-five kawhaan tag-lima
    one peso hambuuk pilak
    five pesos lima pilak
    10 pesos hangpu pilak

    Bills (Pesos)

    ten Hangpu
    twenty kawhaan
    fifty pesos kaihman pilak
    one hundred pesos hanggatus pilak
    five hundred pesos limang-gatus pilak
    one thousand hangibu

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