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  • Lesson 1

    by Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

    Some Tausug phrases and useful expressions

    1. What's your name? Hisiyu in ngan mu?
    2. How are you? Maunu-unu nakaw?
    3. Where are you from? Daing hain kaw?
    4. Where in the Philippines? Hain ha pilipinas?
    5. Are you from America? Daing ha hula milikan kaw?
    6. Where is Steve from? Daing hain hi Steve?
    7. Are you an American? Milikan kaw?
    8. Where do you live? Hain kaw nakahula?
    9. How old are you? Pila na in ummul mu?
    10. What do you do? Unu in hihinang mu?
    11. Where are you going? Pakain kaw ?
    12. Where's your friend? Hain in bagay mu?
    13. Where have you been? Hain kaw bakas?
    14. Do you know him? Kakilahan mu siya?
    15. Leavetakings Pamaid
    16. See you tomorrow. Magkitah kita kunsum

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