About Us

Language Links Foundation, Incorporated was established as Language Links in 1998 and registered as a non-stock, non-profit corporation in 2003 for the purpose of preserving and propagating the languages of the Philippines through various media.

To achieve these, the Corporation endeavors to accomplish the following:
  1. Establish a reading center for publications, unpublished studies and research papers on Philippine languages and linguistics;
  2. Hold a regular forum on current issues and trends in Philippine languages and linguistics;
  3. Publish an online newsletter on updates and events relevant to Philippine languages and linguistics;
  4. Support Filipino scholars of Philippine languages and linguistics
  5. Compile a data bank for the publication of word lists, phrasebooks, grammar books, dictionary, and pedagogical materials for Philippine languages.
  6. Initiate programs for teaching Philippine languages
  7. Provide support services for Philippine languages requirement

Our Purpose

    Propagate the wide use of Philippine languages by its native speakers and scholars through the conduct of academic research, field studies, and other immersion methodologies

    Encourage and or support or sponsor special or continuing research of selected Philippine languages with major impact on national developlemt, cultural identification, and language preservation

    Pstablish and maintain a documentation and or publication facility whether in physical form or electronically , to encourage sharing of language data, information, and research findings

    Develop links with concerned goverment agencies, non-govermental organizations, and international agencies with similar linguistic aims, towards the development of a truly Philippine national language that is an instrument of national unity and internatiol peace and harmony.