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  • Lesson 1

    by Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

    Some Yakan phrases and useful expressions

    1. What's your name? Sine alen nu?
    2. How are you? Sainge ru kite?
    3. Where are you from? A-a amban kew?
    4. Where in the Philippines? Intag si Pilipinas?
    5. Are you from America? Amban Amerika kew?
    6. Where is Steve from? A-a amban si Steve?
    7. Is she an American? Milikan iye?
    8. Where do you live? Antag Patenna'an nu?
    9. How old are you? Piyeh umul nu?
    10. What do you do? Ine trabahu nun?
    11. Where are you going? Tungan nu?
    12. Where's your friend? Intag bagay nun?
    13. Where have you been? Bakas amban nu?
    14. Do you know him? Takilale nu iye?
    15. Leavetakings Pegbaid
    16. See you tomorrow. Mag-kite,kite sumu.

    This is an excerpt from our Yakan Phrasebook. Its one hundred and five sections of simple phrases, idioms, plus a glossary of over 500 entries serve as a very functional yet exciting introduction to the language.

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