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  • Lesson 1

    by Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

    Asking What and Who in Ilokano

    1. What are you doing? Ania ti ar-aramidem?
    2. What time is she coming? Ania nga oras ti iyuumayna?
    3. Who is that man? Sino dayta a lalaki?
    4. Which doctor? Ania a doctor?
    5. Please give this to him/her. Pakitedmo man daytoy kenkuana.
    6. Please call my friend. Pakitawagmo man diay gayyemko.
    7. Iím sorry that this happened. Pasensiyakan ta naaramid daytoy.
    8. Accept our congratulations. Akseptarem ti pammadayawmi.

    This is an excerpt from our Ilokano Phrasebook. Its one hundred and five sections of simple phrases, idioms, plus a glossary of over 500 entries serve as a very functional yet exciting introduction to the language.

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