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  • Lesson 1

    by Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

    Asking prices in Chavacano

    1. How much is the tuna belly? Kwanto el bariga de tuna?

    Itís one hundred per kilo
    Siento por kilo
    2. How much is one kilo of tamarind? Kwanto el un kilo de sampaloc?

    Eighty pesos
    Otchenta pesos
    3. How much is a bunch of eggplants? Kwanto el un pungpung de talong?

    Fifteen pesos
    Kinse pesos
    4. How much are the beads? Kwanto el beads?

    Thirty pesos each, five for one hundred pesos
    Trenta pesos, singco por sien pesos
    5. How much is this pair of shoes? Kwanto este pares de sapatos?

    Three hundred fifty pesos
    Tres siento sincuenta peso
    6. How much are these pearls? Kwanto el manga perlas?

    Seven hundred pesos per set
    Siete sientos pesos el un set
    7. How much is the entrance fee to the museum? Kwanto el entrans na museo?

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