Magbinisaya Kita Module I Testimonials

“The best available learning source for Cebuano is Jessie Grace Rubrico's excellent book Magbinisaya Kita. When you buy module 1 you get a CD containing a PDF document and a couple of digital audio CD's that you can play directly on your computer."

"I have completed both Magbinisaya Kita module 1 and module2 and so I can vouch for their worth. In my opinion the Magbinisaya Kita program is the best available resource for learning Cebuano. That's how I did it."

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Thomas Marking

"At the moment I have plenty of people willing to talk to me in Bisayan/Cebuano, but there is still just way too much that I don't understand. I have a good memory, but it makes it much easier if you understand (or have an idea) of what's going on in the grammar when a native speaker is trying to speak too you. After I did your Module 1 it made a world of difference in some of the basics of grammar. I think if I didn't study MOD 1 there would still be lots of basic rules my wife would still trying to explain to me. I'm hoping that Module 2 will be the same and unlock many doors...."

" I agree 100% Tom. Here in Australia my wife has many relations and friends that all come from Mindanao. When I first decided to try and learn Bisayan/Cebuano about 1 year ago many of them said aarrr! "Easy" your wife can teach easily. So I started off on my marry way with what I thought was the basics, Days of the week, counting, and basic sentences, What is your name etc. I made a book up of this and thought if I work hard at it with in a year or so I should be able not so much as to speak fluently but be able to understand the grammar of the language. After about 1 or 2 months I had about 100 or so sentences in my head that I could rattle off at will, but I still could not make up my own sentences."

"With MOST native Cebuano speakers they know what’s right and what’s wrong when they hear it or speak it, but they cannot explain grammar. I did say most native Cebuano speakers as I am in NO MEANS running down native speakers. Most of my friends and husbands of my wife’s relations are at about the same level of education as me, which is only basic high school. Some of these people have said learning Cebuano should be easy for you as your wife is a native speaker. To show them that teaching the grammar of any language is the job FOR some one who is trained in this area I did a small test."

"I asked them some question about English...... Bearing in mind we are all native English speakers here trying to explain some thing in English to an English speaker. I ASKED THEM TO DEFINE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HE AND HIM. DON'T GIVE ME 10 DIFFERENT SENTENCES, BUT DEFINE THE DIFFERENCE. I asked some other similar questions and you would be surprised just how long it took!"

"This is the same as me asking my wife what is the difference between NIYA AND SIYA, and don't forget she has to explain it from one language to the other. I'm a native English speaker and I could speak under water with a mouth full of marbles, but I could never teach English especially if I had to explain it in a different language. For the first 4-5 months I made lots of progress in memorizing words and sentences but almost none in grammar."

"Then I found this group and began module one with the help of Jessie and her books. The primmer book explains so much about basic grammar and basic laws of the language. The phrase book has many helpful phrases, word listings etc. The best part is the lessons as Jessie not only corrects them but guides you through and answers your questions. When the time is right I will be continuing with module 2 and hopefully that should be enough."

"I also agree with Tom about abbreviations. Some of the sentences my wife taught me had many abbreviated words and some sentences didn't. Also single words that are a metamorphous of 2 words. Particles WOW how do you explain them. I remember asking my wife what’s the purpose of this word ‘PA’ in this sentence and so on and so on. I have had relations here say what about children THEY ONLY LEARN BY EAR. The human brain is a funny thing it has set patterns as you grow and language is one of them!!! A child’s brain is like a dry sponge it soaks up everything that comes in to contact with it. An adult’s brain well mine any way! Is like soaking wet rag pore water on it and it just runs off. I believe that an adult could learn just by ear, but it would be a long long tough frustrating road to take. "

"Practicing conversing with your spouse has a HUGE role to play in learning this language, but also understanding the grammar of what your saying is just as big."

Gilbert Martin
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